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Phillipa Perry

When I was writing my book, The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read, I would wake up at 5:30 or six every morning because I was full of ideas about what I needed to write and anxious to get them down. Unfortunately even after I finished the book and was no longer anxious I was still had this habit of waking up far too early. I was beginning to feel tired all the time. I told Guy about this and he did a technique with me that he called ‘mirroring hands’. I don’t know how he did it but somehow with some sort of guided visualisation I was imagining the problem in one of my hands and it sort of detached it from me, whether he mirrored my movements with his own hands, I don’t know as I had shut my eyes. I remember at one point the hand that had the problem had to drop. And I had difficulty in moving the other hand until Guy said that it could move on its own. ANYWAY, the next morning I slept until 8.00am. I think Guy enabled me to overcome some inner message that had got stuck about the need to wake up too early. Wow. He has such a lovely manner that you can’t help but feel better after seeing him.

Jess Whittaker

Want to say a big thank you to this man right here. Had a great BLAST technique and Mirroring hands hypno session, to help move on from trauma. We’ve all got a little something we need to process and I highly recommend Guy, if you want to do it.

Guy has helped me with a number of techniques and coping strategies to deal with stressful events and anxiety. These include mirroring hands, self-hypnosis & mindfulness which I can use myself when needed. Using hypnotherapy sessions and retraining my thought process, Guy has the ability to tap in to what might be at the root of the problem, to dig deeper and find a lasting solution. Guy is very intuitive and professional but with a relaxed approach. He has a very calming voice and is someone who can really put you at ease.  I highly recommend him if you need a bit of help!

Rebecca M

Sayen S.

Guy really helped me with some deep old trauma which was manifesting itself in acute pain ( not very cute at all!). He worked very sensitively and I felt safe at all times. It has definitely helped just from one session. I would definitely recommend working with Guy, he is professional, kind and knows his stuff.

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